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Before European settlers, Tin Can Bay was known by the aboriginals as Tuncunba, or Tun Cun Ba (big fish place). Needless to say, the Great Sandy Strait is still known for its spectacular sea life (e.g. Dolphin feeding, bird watching and Turtle spotting) and excellent boating and fishing.


In the 1930's, Tin Can Bay had less than 40 permanent residents. Although still considered a small community, Tin Can Bay and its surrounding area has grown to almost 6,000 residents.


The Tuncunba Gated Estate is located on the original site of the Tin Can Bay public school, built in 1935. One of the school buildings was saved during the development of the site and beautifully restored for residents to enjoy as a recreational facility.


The developers of this unique bay living vision are locals, who have been living in Tin Can Bay for 27+ years. Peter and Valerie Todd love everything about this very liveable coastal gem which they discovered while on holiday in the 1980's. To date they have designed, built and sold 28 homes and 2 more under construction. To say they are passionate about the homes they build would be an understatement. The amount of thought and time that goes into these new homes is enormous and the attention to detail, the quality of fittings, the features and finishes are all handpicked - not the usual mass produced development.


Peter & Valerie Todd


K J HOMES (established in 1965) is owned and operated by Shane and Johdy Kimlin, both having spent many years in the building and interior design industry. Shane has won HIA awards for his building and design work in the Sunshine Coast and Cooloola Regions. Their Pride, Expertise and Customer Service to each individual home is their trademark.



Shane & Johdy Kimlin

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